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Claire Laughlin, Communication Consultant and Trainer, Creator: BeAnAmazingTrainer™

PowerPoint Deck and Worksheets

Angela, THANK YOU!

I love working with you. Your design sense is wonderful, and I sure appreciate that we can massage the product like this!

Britni Myers, Senior Marketing Manager, myStrength, Inc.

Corporate PowerPoint Deck Rebranding

Wow, Angela!  This is an amazing leg up for us to move forward on this project. I’m going to run with your recommendations/plan and not look back!  Yes, I’m sure you’re very invested in this project, considering you see all of the random slides going back and forth.  ​


Thanks so much – really nice, thoughtful job!

Jesse Sanders, CEO, Briebug

These illustrations look awesome; I appreciate your quick turn around.

Glenna Donegan, Sales and Marketing Director, CDLA

August 2017: The conference was a huge success!!!!  I want to thank you so very much for all the time and energy you put into getting us everything that we need to have a successful conference.  You are such an integral part of the look and feel of the theme, brochures, badges, posters etc.


You are awesome, the best ever!



2015: Angela - So many thanks go out to you! Throughout the years you have always been there at all hours of the day, night, weekends to help with anything that we have needed! Thank you so much and love you!

Tara Rojas, Communications Manager, IMA Financial Group

Honestly, working with you is a dream. It brings tears to my eyes how easy you make everything seem and how well you translate ideas. You really are bringing me a lot of relief during this transition time in our department.

Kim Farin, Director of Marketing, Boulder Visitors and Convention Bureau

The banners are AWESOME!!!!  And the Board LOVED the Brand Book.

Thanks for your help in assuring us that the resolution was high enough on the photos to look great on the banners.  They really do look great and 2 teams of sales people are already on the road with them.

And here’s a great story about the Brand Book – the guy who was behind this initiative (Mark from a restaurant called The Sink) was the one who gave us his Brand Book to use as an example. Ours was much more complicated and that’s when I called you. Well, he loves what you did with it. So much so, that he asked me to send him the original file because he’d like to re-do his to make it more similar to ours. I also gave him your name in case he needs your help. So great! And such a testament to your artistry.

Thank you for your candid thoughts.  We value you, and your opinion, Angela.

Sandra Jacoby, Marketing Director, Underdogs Animal Rescue

ANGELA!! These are awesome!! Thank you SO much!!!

Susan Anderson, Marketing Administrator, WRT

WOO HOO!!! I knew I could count on you!! 

Anne Fellini, Owner, Echo 64

This is perfect, you're awesome. Thank you so much. :D

Kiley Wallace, Senior Specialist, Comcast Wholesale

You are just a dream Angela. 

Karen Maida, Sales Capabilities Manager, Mars Chocolate US

Angela, I don’t know that I ever properly thanked you for this wonderful book.  I’ve been involved in the global onboarding for about 3 or more years.  To see this finally come to life is amazing, to say the least.


Thank you again for working with us to bring our ideas to reality!

Claire Laughlin, Communication Consultant and Trainer, Be An Amazing Trainer

WOW! this is SO professional!!! I love it. I can't begin to express how much I appreciate your style and skill. 

Thank you! You are so talented!

Taylor Albrecht, Business Development, Independence Aviation

I just have to say that you are such a fantastic exception to the typical entrepreneur.  I know of no other business your size that gets invoices out on the first day of the month!  You set a great example!

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